MOSAiC Web is an exciting addition to the MOSAiC family, providing online access to your collection over the internet, either privately or by the general public.

A web site is provided for you, along with the necessary tools for transferring your data to the online database. Technical expertise is not required.

Items, Subjects and Reference material become available for online searching, via an easy-to-use interface, complete with images and easy-to-follow links between related records.

In traditional MOSAiC style, you are in control of your "MOSAiC Web" site, with an easy-to-use administration interface. No need to seek permission from IST once your site is established, change it as and when you wish. You decide on the content of the site, providing the text and pictures you require.

You also control what data is made available to the public, as opposed to the data accessible by your own staff.

The content on the internet is always only a copy of the original data, which is still maintained on your local computers, thereupon being 100% accessible, even when the internet is not available. The copy on the internet is under your control and is updated / removed whenever you choose. Ownership of the data is always yours.

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