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Easy to use Collections Management software for small or large collections, on a single computer or across a network, on ancient or modern computers, suitable for beginners or experts.  Click below to learn more...

Get your collection on the Internet, cheaply, easily, without fuss and without technical expertise.  Maintain control over your online presence, even to the point of who can access what information.  Click below to learn more...

Useful Links:

Museums Australia is the national organisation for the museums sector, committed to the conservation, continuation and communication of Australia's heritage.  MA supports our community in so many ways, one of which is an online site to share information, ideas and news.  Each state has its branch, with a more local focus.  To find your MA local branch, click here, then choose your state.

Museums Australia also provides a forum for us all to communicate with our compatriots.  Visit MANexus and see for yourself.
For example, a poignant posting by Des Griffin highlights the issues around the information provided in exhibitions, referring to an article by Amanda Lohrey in "The Monthly" magazine online.  Read Amanda's article and judge for yourself.

Museums Australia Victoria produce a worthwhile book to assist you with cataloguing your collection.  You can download "the small museums cataloguing manual" from here.

NZ Museums... provides help in New Zealand. visit the NZ Museums website, where you can explore New Zealand museums, art galleries, cultural organisations and their collections.

Digitisation... Get your movies, recordings, oral histories etc. digitised. The Digital Factory is a digital media production company with appreciation of heritage collections and the importance of digitising valuable sources of sound and video.
Even old media such as tape cassette, super-8 movies etc. have been digitised by The Digital Factory for use with Collections MOSAiC.

Copyright... What is "Copyright"? - Legal Help.  Click the following link to discover more about Copyright such as

  • What is "Copyright:
  • Which types of work are subject to copyright? 
  • Is it possilbe to use a copyright-protected work without infringing?
  • What is the difference between copyright and trademark?  What about patents?
  • What is the difference between copyright and privacy?
  • Copyright Infringement Notification Requirements

National Standards... The National Standards Taskforce has developed the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries in consultation with the museum and gallery sector and with reference to current industry practices, existing resources, and museum development and accreditation programs. They are designed to be an accessible tool for museums and galleries nationwide.

Object ID...  The Object ID project was initiated by the J. Paul Getty Trust in 1993 and the standard was launched in 1997. It is being promoted by major law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Scotland Yard and Interpol, UNESCO, museums, cultural heritage organisations, art trade and art appraisal organisations, and insurance companies.  The Object ID Checklist is available here

Object Registration - Step By Step Guidelines from ICOM (International Council Of Museums) for receiving Objects in to the collection.

Significance... Assessing and documenting the significance of your collection and the items within it is a daunting, yet vital activity. Help is available online via the Significance 2.0 guide  at the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.
Or you can download an offline copy for yourself from us - Significance 2.0 (4MB PDF)

Digital Longevity... This is an on-going discussion with many viewpoints.  One thing is for sure, you are no doubt putting a lot of time and effort into digitising your collection and would not want your efforts to be in vain.  Here's an informative article on the subject at the DPC (Digital Preservation Coalition) website.

Telling Stories is essential for captivating your audience and Collections MOSAiC is designed around that premise.
Liina Flynn writes an engaging paper on The Art of Storytelling available at the CAN Outreach blog.
Or you can download a copy from us - How to Tell your stories.doc

De-mystifying Digitisation A useful online resource that de-mystifies scanning and digital photography, especially DPI, pixels and resolution, by "Digital Memories" - A digitisation company in the USA.  It's a mini-guide & not lengthy and contains links to more topics.


A PDF that explains "Digitisation", Published by Collections Trust UK (contains may other useful links too)

For example, when thinking about the Digital National Collection, there is a useful paper by Greg Wallace on Digitisation.  Download Greg's paper from here: "Digitisation - success on a shoestring?".

 Useful Tools.  A selection of programs that are low-cost or free.

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